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The Biggest Little Bridge Book provides, in very concise form, most of the answers to beginning and intermediate player’s questions as they advance in their knowledge of the game. Mastery of the fundamentals is and continues to be of first rate importance for all bridge players.

These books are available to bridge professionals, directors and teachers at 33% off the retail price of $8.00 on orders of 24 or more. Bridge students throughout the country have found the Biggest Little Bridge Book Series to be an invaluable teaching and reference aid. Given the tremendous reviews and demand for this series, the Beverly Bridge Club believes that sales of the books in your club or class would be profitable for you as well as beneficial for your players and students.

Book I - The Biggest Little Bridge Book in the World

Book II - Play and Defense in Suit Contracts

Book III - Play and Defense in No Trump Contracts

Book IV Everyday Bridge Conventions



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