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Following restrictions apply:

1. The Purchaser and holder of this Central Cash Book is solely responsible for loss, theft or destruction thereof, and Central

Parking System, Inc. and its subsidiaries have and assume no responsibility to the purchaser if the same is lost, stolen,

destroyed or if the coupons are used in trade by any finder, thief, or other person, whether with or without authority of

purchaser, and will not duplicate same.

2. Central Cash coupons are not redeemable for cash refund.

3. Central Cash coupons will not be accepted if detached or altered in any manner whatsoever.

4. Patron must comply with all the rules and regulations of the city and state parking authorities.

5. The list of locations at which Central Cash coupons may be used to pay parking fee is subject to change without notice.

6. Central Cash coupons will be accepted only for transient or daily parking. !

7. No return of any part of the sum paid for this book of Central Cash coupons will be made.

8. Unused coupons are void after the expiration date indicated on the face of the Central Cash coupons.